Grass clearing – Gardening

Grass clearing – Gardening

From autumn 2007, Diaplous began the activity of gardening in the wider region of Attica.

At the beginning of 2011, this activity transfomed into services of grass cutting and clearing in large areas. Our activity involves cutting down grasses with mowing machines as well as collecting and managing the waste.

Our goal is the excellet and reliable service provison, with the responsibility of cleaning and maintaining the spaces throughout the year and especially before the period during which there is great concern that wildfires may occur. 

A list of some of our customers include inter alia: the Psychiatric hospital of Attica, Public Power Corporation- Renewables SA,  the Navy’s Shareholdel Fund, the Association of employees of the Ministry of Health, etc. as well as individuals.

Our services are affordable, as the harsh financial conditions of Greek reality impose. 

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