Our short documentary Diaplous-Tales of hope, goes to the Mental Health Rights Film Festival in Lisbon

The film Diaplous – Tales of Hope will take part in the Mental Health Rights Film Festival, which will take place on 25 and 26 February 2022 in the Portuguese capital, Lisbon.

The Mental Health Rights Film Festival, sponsored by the Lisbon Institute of Global Mental Health, is an international short film festival focusing on mental health films. It aims to raise public awareness for the rights of people with mental disorders and to fight  the stigma often associated with mental illness, while hoping to open the way for a society based on mutual understanding and inclusion.

This initiative is a continuation of the first Mind Rights Film Festival, which took place in 2014, with great success, at the Gulbenkian Foundation, in Lisbon. This year it takes place in the same city, as part of the MH Rights Project.

The screenings during the two-day program will end with the Award Ceremony on February 26, 2022, which will not only be a celebration of the creativity of filmmakers, but also a recognition of their exceptional commitment to human rights issues.

The jury, which includes representatives from the fields of cinema, mental health, human rights and the public, will present the MHRFF Awards to the most important works related to the themes of the Festival.

Our film is screened on 26-2-2021

The MHRFF program in detail:

Opening Ceremony [Friday 25th – 16.00]
PROGRAMME 1 [Friday 25th – 16.15]
LIONESS by Alexander Conrads, Germany, 15 min
DAILY ROUTINE by Patrik Ruben Rosanics, Hungary, 8 min
RITES UNDONE by Naomi Richman and Eddie Bolger, UK, 30 min
HEY, HOW ARE YOU DOING? by Prithesh Bhandary, India, 9 min
THE OLD MAN NEXT DOOR by Aidan O. Dickens, New Zealand, 15 min
PROGRAMME 2 [Friday 25th – 18.30]
I’M NO LONGER LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD by G. Pellegrini, Switzerland, 23 min
 Daniel Morawitz, Austria, 6 min
JUST IN CASE by April Kelley, UK, 14 min
FOR RACHEL SUMMER by Zooey Gao, Australia, 8 min
SOUND OF THE LOST SOULS by A. Haznedar and M. Özdoğan, Turkey, 12 min
I AM AFRAID TO BE AFRAID by Cátia Silva, Portugal, 6 min
PROGRAMME 3 [Saturday 26th – 15.30]
RECOVERY by Abbie Jackson and Alex Arnold, UK, 16 min
MATT’S STORY by Paul Mailath, Australia, 6 min
BROTHER by Lisanne Sweere, Netherlands, 28 min
NICE TO MEET YOU ALL by Guen Murroni, UK, 11 min
A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A BOY by Niklas Bauer, Germany, 14 min
PROGRAMME 4 [Saturday 26th – 17.45]
A LA FOLIE by Léa Luiz de Oliveira, France, 11 min
HEART SWELL by Kimberly Bautista, USA, 7 min
MILTON FREIRE, A SHOUT BEYOND HISTORY by Victor Abreu, Brazil, 20 min
ON WAKING UP by Johny Ritter, Austria, 19 min
DIAPLOUS, TALES OF HOPE by Ifigeneia Kotsoni, Greece, 18 min
Award Ceremony [Saturday 26th – 19.30]

Mental Health Rights Film Festival – Lisbon