Cultivation of products & Apiculture (Beekeeping)

With respect to planet earth, human beings, quality of life and ecological consciousness and responsibility, we cultivate horticultural products, produce olive oil of high quality, raise honeybees and harvest honey.

Grass clearing & gardening

Grasses clearing and gardening services are provided in the wider area of Attica. We carry out cutting, accumulation and collection of grasses as well as tree pruning and the general cleaning and maintenance of your space.

Cleaning services

Cleaning services of offices and other sites are provided to public and private sector bodies as well as to other private premises. Our experience in the field, diligence and reliability ensure the best possible results.

A few words about us

What are the Social Cooperatives of Limited Liability and what do they want to achieve?

The Social Cooperatives of Limited Liability consist the first institutionally recognized legal form of social enterprises in Greece.

Their aim is the socio-economic inclusion and professional (re)-integration of people with psychosocial difficulties, contributing to their therapeutic rehabilitation and, as far as possible, to their self-sufficiency.

  • They were established by the Law Ν.2716/99, article 12, for the “development and modernization of mental health services”.
  • They are considered legal entities of Private Law.
  • They can develop any commercial activity.
  • They constitute Mental Health Units.

The movie “Diaplous – Tales of Hope”

The short documentary “Diaplous – Tales of Hope” (Athens, Greece) was completed in early 2019 and it is directed by Iphigenia Kotsoni.

The documentary gives voice to the stories of the employees of the Social Cooperative “Diaplous”, situated in Athens, Greece. The employees regain their lives through work, proving that it can be a vehicle of empowerment for people at risk of social exclusion, conveying hope for a world that endures to embrace us all.

The importance of participation

The Social Cooperative is not only a new form of business activity. It attempts to offer a viable solution to the impasse of social and employment exclusion of people with psychosocial difficulties. It is based on the principles of equal participation, cooperation and solidarity among its members.

All the members of the cooperative participate equally (with one vote) in the decision-making on matters that concern them. It develops activities to meet educational, cultural and social needs. It also creates a new conception of collective action.

Our members

A basic requirement for the creation of a social cooperative, which promotes equal participation, solidarity and cooperation, is the participation of a wide range of members.

More specifically, the members of the social cooperative are divided into three main categories:

  • First category

    people with psychosocial problems over 15 years of age. Members in the first category should constitute at least the 35% of the total.

  • Second category

    mental health professionals, constituting up to the 45% of the total.

  • Third category

    Other natural persons or legal entities, Municipal Government Organizations, Public Hospitals, Non-Governmental Organizations and Social Enterprises, with a percentage not exceeding 20% of the total.


The employees of DIAPLOUS have been cleaning our offices for the last 3 years. When they first started cleaning our building, all of us were astonished! The marbles were white again! The kitchen was shining! The toilets were kept smelling fresh! The windows were clean and you were able to see outside again!
We haven’t seen our offices in such a good condition before! Now, we consider this high quality of cleaning service as a given! We enjoy working in this clean space! It is precisely this high quality of services that has changed our stereotypes. Some of my colleagues were quite reluctant at the beginning.
Despite their good intentions, they were wondering whether people with mental health issues would be able to work effectively and keep our building clean. Today, there is no doubt about that! KOISPE Diaplous and its employees have proven their worth! 

Ε. Τ. Employee in the Managing Authority of Sector “Health and Social Solidarity”, of the Ministry of Health

Diaplous: One world, one thousand feelings and lots of beautiful persons doing great work. We, the empolyees of Managing Authority of Operational Programme “Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship & Innovation”, met the employees of KoiSPE Diaplous in May 2012 and, since then, they have been our valuable partners.

They are the PEOPLE who offer their services with joy, consistency and professionalism. But, more importantly, they have become our friends, who every day offer us a smile and a sweet conversation. They have learnt us that when we develop our sense of solidarity and fight against our small, daily struggles, we can win!!!

Μ. G. Officer of the Managing Authority of Operational Programme “Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship & Innovation”, of the Ministry of Economy and Development
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