Cultivation of products & Apiculture

Cultivation of products & Apiculture

At the end of 2007, with respect to planet earth, human beings and the environment, we began cultivating horticultural products, using organic methods. We continue our activities, by adopting mild cultivation practices.


Our cultivations

The choice of the products we cultivate is based on the market’s needs, the soil’s capability, as well as the microclimate of the region of Chaidari, in Attica.

During the different seasons, we cultivate different types of products of the Mediterranean diet, such as high quality tomatoes, grown outdoors as well as in hothouses, cucumbers, different varieties of peppers and aubergines, zucchinis, green beans, herbs, spring onions, lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, beetroot, etc. 


In 2013, in our efforts to  expand further our activities, we began planting different types of trees (pomegranate trees, lemon trees, orange trees, peach trees, etc.) in order to create an orchard within our premises. Until today, we have planted almost 100 trees while during the year 2017, we planted 200 almond trees with a view to producing almonds in the future.

We also manage approximately 600 olive trees, from which we produce extra virgin olive oil of superior quality and low acidity. It is worth noting that the olive trees grow naturally and we are using mild methods of cultivation managemen.
Ιn May 2020 we decided to send our olive oil “Elaia psychis” for the first time to the international competition of Berlin Olive Oil Awards 2020 (BGOOA 2020, Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards). The result confirmed the high quality of the oil: We received a BRONZE QUALITY AWARD. The Olive oil is available in packages of 750 ml and 5 lt.



In 2013, with the assistance of a volunteer argiculturist, we started to produce our own honey. An area with various types of flowers provide our bees the valuable nectar and pollen.In 2017, we increased the number of bees in our bee colony. Our bees have travelled around Greece in order to collect honey from lemon and orange trees, thyme, fir and pine trees.
Finally in the beginning of 2020 we transferred our bees to the beautiful cycladic island of Andros and started a new collaboration with two beekeepers of the island. Thus, from 2020, honey production was oriented towards two very special varieties of honey: thyme and heather. Our honey is available in packages of 950 and 450 gr. 

Our products

Our production is small but “valuable”. You can find them in our headquarters at  374 Athinon Avenue, Chaidari, tel no: 00302100105675,,  as well as in the following stores in Athens:

Cooperative Syn-allois , 35 Nileos st, Petralona – Olive Oil
Katalachou, 9 Mavromichali st, Exarchia – Honey, olive oil
Sto Vathos Kipos, 99 Kerameikou st, Kerameikos – Olive Oil
Sympetheroi, 14 Stournari st, Exarchia – honey
Svoura, cooperative of alternative and solidarity economy, 21 Spyrou Trikoupi st, Exarchia – honey
Ellinika Kaloudia, 51 Kallidromiou st, Exarchia – Olive Oil, Thyme Honey of Andros
Ellinika Kaloudia (2nd  grocery store), 8 Chatzichristou str, olive oil, Thyme Honey of Andros, 38 Sporadon st, Kypseli – honey
Grocery ‘to koskino’ ‘, 23 Chrysoupoleos st, N. Smyrni – Honey, olive oil
Mandragoras, 14 Gounari st, Piraeus – Honey, olive oil
“Naragena” Organic Products, 85 Aegaiou Pelagous st, Ag. Paraskevi – Honey
Lacandona Epitou 4 st, Syntagma – Honey
AlthemiStore Quality Herbal Products – 39 Panepistimiou st, Athens – Meli

Pantokafenes, Pikrodafnis & Metsovou st, P. Faliro – Olive Oil
Traditional Grocery, 2 Plateia 28 Octovriou, Ilioupoli – Olive Oil
Theodosi Hellenic Table, 36 25 Martiou st , N. Psychiko – Olive Oil, Honey
Pandaisia ​​Grocery, 41 Agiou Ioannou st, Agia Paraskevi – Olive Oil

It is essential to highlight that our members and employees adopt the principles of social solidarity in real practice. Moroever, with respect to our land, we cultivate and produce high quality products, contributing, in this way, to the environmental sustainability.

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